Troubleshooting Industrial Filtration Systems

Industrial filtration systems require just as much routine maintenance as a car or any other piece of equipment. Filters also reveal symptoms that a knowledgeable engineer can recognize. If a piece of equipment is new to your plant or you are new to an area, it can be helpful to find out some of the common problems, and which wear parts are affected. will reveal what is going on with your filter and what to do in order to get your equipment back to peak performance.

Since 1906, National Filter Media has provided multiple Industries with filter bags, belts, cloths, covers, wear parts, and experience.  In this time, territory managers have visited countless facilities and solved thousands of filter problems. In an age when information is always readily available, we want you to have access to our experience with the same convenience.

Those territory managers and their mentors, NFM's industry specialists, have pooled their experience internally for more than a hundred years to help facilities increase production, meet environmental regulations, and find cost savings. Now, some of that experience is available here, at your fingertips.

NFM's expertise falls under three categories:

  • Liquid Vacuum Filters
  • Liquid Pressure Filters
  • Air and Dust Filtration Equipment

Liquid Vacuum Filtration Systems

NFM manufactures horizontal vacuum belt filters, rotary vacuum drum filters, and vacuum disc filters. We got our start rebuilding and servicing equipment from all the other manufacturers.  We custom engineer vacuum filtration equipment and wear parts.

Industries that use liquid vacuum filtration equipment include food, wine, chemical manufacturing, paper mills, and waste treatment facilities. These filters operate in a continuous process, pulling a slurry from either a feed box or tank. In some applications the solid, or cake is the product. In others the liquid, or filtrate is the product. Sometimes, dewatering solid waste is the objective.

Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Basics

This article is a great place to get a basic understanding of RVD filters and their continuous process.  Most vacuum filters are RVDs, and there are several discharge methods. The consistency and thickness of the cake will determine the best method for a process.

Rotary Vacuum Disc Filter Basics

Look at the various components that comprise a sector disc filter. A real work horse in paper mills and mining operations. Get an introduction to this equipment courtesy of National Filter Media.

Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Basics

Learn about the belts, pulleys, vacuum pan, and more in this basic overview of a horizontal vacuum belt filter.  Keeping up on some relatively inexpensive wear parts can extend the service life of more valuable components, like the rubber drainage belt. A little time, money, and effort now can avoid big headaches down the road.

Liquid Pressure Filtration Systems

NFM provides service and wear parts for filter press, pressure vessels, inline vessels, backwashing tube filters, and belt press. We have a shop dedicated to repairing leaf filters and another for belt press rollers, pulleys, bearings, and wires/ belts. We make covers and bags for all pressure filters. 

Pressure Leaf Filters

Click the link above to learn about pressure leaf filters, also known as Pressure Vessels. You'll find basic information, troubleshooting tips, a list of wear parts, and more.

Belt Filter Press

The Belt Filter Press is also known as a Twin Wire Press. Follow the link about for basic info and troubleshooting tips.

Filter Press

The Filter Press is also known as a Plate and Frame Filter, Recessed Plate Filter, or a Membrane Filter. Click the link above to read basic info and a troubleshooting  guide.

Candle Filter

The Candle Filter is also known as a Backwashing Tubular Filter. Click this link to read the basics, learn the operating sequence, and find a few troubleshooting tips for this low maintenance filter.

Baghouse Dust Collectors

Click the link above to learn about Baghouse dust collectors. The article covers Shaker discharge, Reverse Air, and Pulse Jet. There is also a list of wear parts and services NFM offers.

Troubleshoot With Filter Specialists

Follow the links above and to the side to learn the basics or see troubleshooting tips from National Filter Media's many filtration specialists. 

Is your filter broken beyond the pointers on this website? No problem, we make free house calls! If you are dealing with a real stumper, then we'll come to the facility and take a look for ourselves.

Thanks for taking a look at  Shane has just begun building this filtration troubleshooting and basic information guide. If the article you are looking for isn't up yet, or your problem is beyond the basics, you can contact him anytime at Shane is happy to help or direct you to NFM's field service representative in your area.