Eimco® Drum replaced by National Filter Media

A mill dewaters their solid waste from power generation on rotary vacuum drums prior to landfilling. Budget constraints and long terms plans for equipment phase out are major considerations. The plant engineers determine that replacing and rebuilding the major components while salvaging what is still useable makes the most sense.

NFM Representatives Went to Inspect the Eimco® Drum

Two Eimco®  Rotary Vacuum Drums work side by side. Three years before, the other unit was replaced by OEM FL Smidth.  Now the other drum is overdue. The National Filter Media Territory Manager coordinated a complimentary meeting with a mill engineer and NFM’s Equipment Specialist, followed by an engineering visit for measurements and equipment inspection.

We generated a customized proposal for a replacement drum shell, new bushings, spacers, oil seal, thrust bearings, and worm key. The bearings needed a rebuild and machining to include bearing liners to avoid a metal on metal rotation. The worm, bull gear, and shaft were in good working condition, so we left that out of the quote.

With the knowledge that one of the two units would eventually become spare parts for the other, we made one slights change to the original design of the drum shell.

 Its bailer scoop, the pipe and cup that trap water that leaks into a drum with a failed seal, is now reversible. This will be crucial if the drum goes from rotating clockwise to counterclockwise, which would be the case if this drum sat in the other cradle. A bailer pipe open on only one side would not work, and that is the early warning indicator of liquid leaking inside the drum.

Time is of the Essence

Capital for the project turned up as leaves began to change. Any maintenance spending had to happen before the New Year. NFM’s Equipment Division Production Manager worked with the Mill’s engineer and we outlined a ten week schedule. Milestones were carefully documented and achieved, and production was complete nearly a week early.

NFM Replacement Drum for Eimco® Drum Fabricated in Winthrop Maine

The National Filter Media Equipment Division is located in Winthrop Maine. The Facility consists of a metal fabrication shop, engineering and administrative offices, a fabric belt converting shop, and a roller and pulley shop. Our mill service team can also perform maintenance and repairs onsite.

Why choose NFM for your Repair/ Replace/ Refurbish Work?

National Filter Media has been providing wear parts for filtration since 1906. We have developed and maintained hundreds of working relationships with our customers by feeling ownership for their project and seeking out customized solutions for their unique situation. Other OEMs may offer certain model numbers from their equipment catalogue, but NFM works to find and fabricate the best solution for your operation, footprint, and budget. While we are a Rotary Vacuum Drum OEM, we don’t shy away from repairing and refurbishing any other OEM’s filter.

Inspecting the NFM Replacement for the Eimco® Drum 

After the Rotary Vacuum Drum fabrication and painting, the engineers performed a final quality inspection. The drum was sealed and pressurized to ½-1 PSI to check for leaks in the wielding. Then each vacuum line was individually tested. Finally every dimension was measured and compared against engineering drawings.

The mill engineer reported that installation and startup were successful.

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