Filter Press with Recessed Plates Creating a Partially Formed Cake?

Check out this article if your recessed plate filter press has some chambers that either have wet cakes or chambers that won’t fill or dewater. This has been a problem in industries ranging from wine to antifreeze reclamation.  This is likelier to occur if precoat and bodyfeed are used to aid in cake formation.

Partially Formed Cakes Could Indicate Plugged Drainholes

As filtrate passes through the filter cloth it collects on the plate panel and drains into outlet holes on the corner(s) of the panel.  The outlet holes have a channel that goes into the adjacent corner eye.  The channel runs between the packing surfaces.  Another function of the system is to allow the cake to be dried “blown down” by compressed air.  The manifold piping at the end of the press can be valved to let air into the even numbered plates pushing the liquid thru the cloth/cake/cloth out the odd numbered plates. Sometimes particles of precoat and bodyfeed pass through the filter cloth and become trapped within the drainage channels plugging or partially blocking them.    It can be easy to overlook, since you can’t see into the channels unaided.

Inconsistency Will Direct Your Troubleshooting

The plug likely occurs after a filter cloth tear or if the filter media is too permeable for the precoat and body feed used. The best time to check is when you notice a chamber has not formed a dry, firm cake as it usually does. If some chambers in the filter pack form great cakes and others form wet partial cakes, this could indicate which plates are plugged.

Count on NFM to Fix Your Recessed Plate Filter Press!

Why is this bypass occurring? Contact Shane and he’ll put your local NFM territory manager in touch with you. We’ll dig in to the specifics of your process to ensure that both your body feed selection and the filter media are the best choice.

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