NFM Can Analyze Your Industrial Filter Media to Match or Upgrade

Occasionally industrial filter media lasts so long that the maintenance person who changed it last has moved on, or the filter supplier has gone out of business. Sometimes a filter sits unused and is brought back into service. Often when time and personnel lapses, details like filter media specifications are lost.

National Filter Media has the analytical equipment and expertise to identify fabric. Based on our findings you may choose to replace with the same filter media or upgrade to improve performance, reduce down time, or cut costs. Our failure analysis lab can perform Predictive Failure Analysis to help you be proactive rather than reactive with your down time.

All our equipment is calibrated annually by a third party to insure accuracy.

Air Permeability Testing

Using industry standard equipment, our Technical Manager can test industrial filter media for air permeability against a differential pressure set to a half inch of water. This test can determine a new filter media’s permeability, its open space and the amount of air that can pass through as measured in cubic feet per minute. It can also determine how close to being blinded a used fabric has become.

Scott Tester

Chemical and thermal exposure can have adverse effects on some synthetic filter media. NFM maintains a pull tester in order to determine the strength necessary to tear industrial filter media. If your filter operates under strenuous conditions, it is good to know the fabric can stand up to the job.

Mullen Burst Tester

Like the Scott Tester, the Mullen burst tester measures a fabric’s strength. It is useful to compare the strength of one fabric against another. It can also be helpful to determine how much of its original strength a set of filters still in service maintains.

Digital Microscope

Many of the analytical tools in the textile industry have been around since NFM opened its doors in 1906. Digital microscopes are a comparatively recent innovation and addition to our technical department used to determine weave type, measure the open spaces between threads in microns or fractions of an inch or centimeter, and count threads per inch. The software allows magnified pictures to get marked with various measurements and shared in a .jpeg file.

Textile Selection Questionnaire

NFM has compiled a questionnaire with sixteen process questions that provide the information necessary to recommend a filter media ideal for your application. The form is evaluated by a textile engineer and an equipment specialist and used to make recommendations to sample bench testing and trial sets of filters.

Weight It, Burn It, Sink It

Not every analytical tool in National Filter Media’s lab is complicated. Snipping a piece of fabric and putting it in water can determine if the sample is polypropylene, which floats. It is important to only test clean fabric, since contaminants can skew results.

Burning a small piece of fabric and observing the odor can help identify polyester from nylon. Nylon has an acrid odor while polyester smells sweet when burned. Never burn dirty fabric or fabric that may be coated or have a laminated surface. Teflon is a carcinogen and harmful if inhaled.

With a small die cut square and an accurate digital scale, we can determine how much a square yard of filter media would weigh. Felt filter media’s weight is a key indicator of both strength and filtration efficiency.

Hands On 

Even the most sophisticated laboratory equipment can’t replace experienced hands on filtration knowledge.  NFM has filtration experts in your area to come and work with you to find a customer solution to improve your filtration performance.

Count on NFM to Replace or Upgrade Your Industrial Filter Media

Now that you’ve had a virtual tour of our analytical capabilities, send us some of your mystery filter media. We’ll help you simply replace what you had, improve your process, or save you some money. Contact Shane with the form built into the Navbar today!

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