Rotary Vacuum Disc Filter in Mine Runs Longest on Duralast

Rotary Vacuum Disc Filters in the mining industry and metal recycling industries can take a beating during regular operation. Abrasion can tear through metal valves, center barrels, and sectors. The fabric sector bag is even more susceptible to the harsh abrasive environment. It is common for a facility to have spare sectors set aside, already dressed in sector bags, in order to limit downtime. Duralast was developed by National Filter Media’s Textile Engineer, Denis Charest, to drastically reduce premature sector bag failure. After over twenty years of service, Duralast Sector Bags still outperform the competition.

One of National Filter Media's Rotary Vacuum Disc Filters at our Equipment Shop in Winthrop, Maine.

What Makes Duralast a Great Filter Media?

Durability, especially in aggressive wear conditions like iron ore and metal recycling make Duralast great. Excellent cake release results in additional product discharge for improved productivity and reduced blinding, even under the most grueling conditions and applications

NFM designed, structured, and textile engineered Duralast with high tenacity, high crimp, resilient, tennis ball type nylon fiber. Combination warp and filling yarns in a twill weave provide elasticity and construction memory.

A unique smooth polished surface finish provides great cake discharge. That minimizes particle penetration and blinding issues. Since particles are trapped and released from the surface of the filter media, the bag performs like new longer, which improves production, and results in a long lasting filter media. Hence the name, Duralast.

Benefits of Duralast on a Rotary Vacuum Disc Filter

Duralast extends bag change out periods and reduces down time, expenses, and costs associated with bag change outs. A longer lasting sector bag saves money through increased production hours and decreased labor hours spent stripping, dressing, and installing sectors. Duralast’s unique egg shell finish results in complete cake discharge, improving production metrics.  

Safety is another key consideration, less change outs mean less chance of injuries associated with bag change outs. Some sector discs are constructed with punch plate steel and can weigh around forty pounds. I know from personal experience doing quality checks in the factory that dropping a sector on your foot can really hurt.

An iron ore mine was getting 30 days life from their OEM’s standard bag. Duralast extended sector bag life to 200 days. The mine has since been reduced to 120 day change out cycles to conduct scheduled disc sector maintenance. In such an abrasive environment, Duralast is performing until the steel components need fixed, and beyond!

Rob works in a metal recycling plant. He tried numerous bags for years untill NFM introduced him to Duralast. The price per bag seemed a bit high at first, but after his trial run and in the years that followed, Rob determined, “Duralast best bag ever”! He tells Denis that it’s so good he never wants to change. A bit more for one bag is cheaper than the cost of four bags to get the same service life.

NFM can help you determine if Duralast will fix your filter!

Contact Shane today through the form in the Navbar if you think Duralast may offer a value to your rotary vacuum disc filter’s heavy abrasion process. He’ll be in touch soon with his Textile Selection Questionnaire. Denis, NFM’s Textile Engineer, will evaluate all the data and confirm a recommendation. From there we can discuss a trial order.

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