Troubleshooting Rotary Vacuum Disc Filters

Low flow levels and wet cake. While under vacuum, the cloth sector bag is sucked up against the solid sections of the sector. Where the cloth makes contact with the metal or plastic, no filtration is taking place. This can effect up to sixty percent of the cloth area. Backer cloths, made of polypropylene filaments, in a honeycomb configuration allow for the entire surface of the sector bag to filter slurry. NFM would be happy to provide a trial set of backer cloths for your Vacuum Filter Disc, just contact Shane with the form on the Navbar.

Cloth snags and tears on metal scraper blades. The scraper blade is a wear part. When a metal scraper blade wears, it sharpens, which can cut through industrial filter media. NFM offers a dual density scraper blade, which has a tip that wears away slowly as it rubs against filter cloth.

Machine operators get injured changing heavy cast iron sectors. I once dropped a cast iron sector on my foot while test fitting a bag in our factory. Not only did I bruise my foot, but I had to catch the sector, nearly straining my lower back, before it fell on my coworker! That would not have been a problem with NFM’s lightweight plastic sector. These thing are durable enough for the mining industry.

Production loss- thinner, wetter cake. A worn out valve can cause timing issues, loss of vacuum, and even halt production. We provide standard replacement valves as well as abrasion resistant valves.

Sector Recovery is a hassle. It doesn’t have to be your hassle. Box up your sectors, and ship them to our Winthrop Maine facility. We will strip off the old sector bag, put on the new cloth, and steam shrink the bag onto the sector for a perfect fit. We also have a field service crew that can do the job onsite.

Rotary Vacuum Disc Filter Wear Parts


Sector Clamps

Radial Rods


Bridge Plates

Scraper Aprons


Worm Wheels

Stuffing Boxes

Agitator Paddles

Wear Plates


Filter Valves

Scraper Blades

Replacement Barrels

Replacement Tanks

Filtrate Tubes

Multiflex Connectors

Count on NFM to fix your Vacuum Disc Filter

Hopefully these troubleshooting tips have got your Rotary Vacuum Filter Disc back into peak operation. If not, we’ve got over a hundred and ten years’ experience in filtration, and National Filter Media can be onsite to help at your convenience. Contact Shane today through the form in the Navbar.

Thanks for taking a look at  Shane has just begun building this filtration troubleshooting and basic information guide. If the article you are looking for isn't up yet, or your problem is beyond the basics, you can contact him anytime at Shane is happy to help or direct you to NFM's field service representative in your area.

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