Troubleshooting Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters

Troubleshooting rotary vacuum drum filters with these tips can save you a headache or two. 

Cloth snags and tears on metal scraper blades. The scraper blade is a wear part. When a metal scraper blade wears, it sharpens, which can cut through industrial filter media. NFM offers a dual density scraper blade, which has a tip that wears away slowly as it rubs against filter cloth.

Bailer vent pulls vacuum. You can test if the bailer vent is pulling vacuum by dropping a scrap of tissue paper near its outlet. If the scrap is pulled in, then the drum is leaking vacuum within the internal piping of the shell itself.

Bailer vent leaking slurry. Slurry coming out the bailer vent indicates that the drum has a leak. NFM is geared up to come onsite and make repairs to your drum. We can also sell you a replacement shell to fit in your current configuration, and refurbish the original, providing a spare for next time.

Whistling noise when drum is running. Either the valve spring needs adjusting, or your wear plate needs replacement.

Production loss- thinner, wetter cake. A worn out valve can cause timing issues, loss of vacuum, and even halt production. We provide standard replacement valves as well as abrasion resistant valves

Drum filter shakes and clangs. This can indicate worn out bearings. Do yourself a favor and replace them with NFM’s self-lubricating bearings

Excessive down time while installing drum cover. Not to mention the workout. If your crew is using a mallet and dog bone shaped tool to install filter cloth, this hand caulking hammer kit can save you time and man-hours. 

These are some of the common issues that can arise. It is better troubleshooting  your rotary vacuum drum filter and replacing wear parts when the symptom first appears, rather than waiting for a complete breakdown. If you’ve got a problem that this article doesn’t cover, feel free to get in touch with Shane at If there isn’t a simple fix, Shane or another territory manager, can come check out the filter with one of our Equipment Specialists, for free.


Wear parts for Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters

Industrial filter media, or filter cloth, refers to the drum cover or belt. Depending on your process, operating temperature, and Ph of the slurry, certain fabrics out perform others. We have created a textile questionnaire that, once completed, allows our industry specialists and textile engineers to recommend the filter media that is best for your process.

National Filter Media’s Equipment Division in Winthrop Maine can manufacture or provide the following spare parts for rotary vacuum filters of any original equipment manufacturer’s make and model. We are happy to provide a free quote for any of the following:

·         Drum covers and belts

·         Valves 

·         Flexible rubber outlet connectors

·         Bushings

·         Drum grids

·         Division strips

·         Caulking

·         Section and end ring seals

·         Main drive gears

·         Main drive oil seal

·         Bearing liners

·         Worm shaft

·         Worm shaft bearing

·         Worm shaft housing bearings

·         Idler end main bearing liners

·         Agitator rake

·         Connecting rods and bearings

·         Pivot pins

·         Crank pins

·         Crank disks and throws

·         Pivot bearings

·         Pivot Shafts

·         Crank shaft bearing

·         Chains

·         Sprockets

·         Agitator gear motors

·         Variable speed assembly drives 

·         Scraper blades

·         Apron for scraper blade

·         Scraper wires

·         Rollers

·         Roll gear reducer

·         Scraper supports

·         Screw advance drive parts

·         Advance screw

·         Screw boots

·         Retraction drive

Thanks for taking a look at  Shane has just begun building this filtration troubleshooting and basic information guide. If the article you are looking for isn't up yet, or your problem is beyond the basics, you can contact him anytime at Shane is happy to help or direct you to NFM's field service representative in your area.

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